Is your workforce having trouble keeping up with the pace of IoT adoption?

It starts with deploying a common Ethernet infrastructure throughout oprations and grows to higher value added tools from there. see my perspective from work I did with Rockwell Automation and Cisco.

Challenges of Data-Driven Manufacturing

Here is a great summary of the difficulties manufacturers face in adopting disruptive technologies.  Moving commercial security practices into control systems and migrating legacy systems are key challenges competitive companies are working to address.  Read this to learn more about how data-driven manufacturing will differentiate the most successful operations from the rest:

How are you adopting the next generation of manufacturing technologies?

Using a Connected Enterprise approach to solving operational efficiency issues, workforce readiness issues and ultimately new innovate new business models

​​How are you justifying Industry 4.0 investments?

This recent article from BCG covers some of the basic issues with the adoption of IoT and advanced industrial technologies along with a planning framework. While many advancements in IT and robotic technologies are progressing rapidly, many manufacturers are looking at the opportunity for cost savings as a primary means for deployment, hence it drags in the capital appropriations cycle. Revenue enhancements and business model transformations are the hidden gems in adoption, but require thoughtful strategic planning.

Industry Week Interview:

The growing  impact of Big Data on manufacturers

See the interview with Industry Week on developing trends in Big Data adoption amongst industrial producers

The Internet of Things Has Finally Arrived

When I talk with customers about their Smart Manufacturing initiatives, many of them look forward to the financial benefits of applying the IoT.  A recent study we conducted with MPI showed that roughly 2/3 of manufacturers believe the IoT will increase their profitability over the next 5 years.  The problem is that most have limited understanding of how to make it happen.  If you’re interested, you can get a sense for where you stand by reviewing this study:

Forbes ​Interview: How The Internet Of Things Is Transforming Manufacturing

Peak Performance Advisory Services LLC

Fortune Interview:

How sensors are helping mining companies save money

For the industrial giants that Rockwell Automation serves, the value of the Internet of things isn’t theoretical. It’s transformative. As this article illustrates, even old world production environments are adopting the latest technology to improve operations and reduce risk for operators.