​​​How are you justifying Industry 4.0 investments?

​This recent article from BCG covers some of the basic issues with the adoption of IoT and advanced industrial technologies along with a planning framework. While many advancements in IT and robotic technologies are progressing rapidly, many manufacturers are looking at the opportunity for cost savings as a primary means for deployment, hence it drags in the capital appropriations cycle. Revenue enhancements and business model transformations are the hidden gems in adoption, but require thoughtful strategic planning.


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Campaign Development: Automation Supplier 

Developing a brand and market segmentation plan for the vendor led to the need for promotion and lead generation activities managed by Peak Performance Advisory Services. Through thoughtful digital, print and social promotional dialog aimed individually at both engineers and management, we targeted the industry segments where the client had demonstrated experience and an oportunity to expand their footprint. Microsites were developed to capture inbound leads for further disposition. Gated content was created to demonstrate value add and encourage prospect development.

Thought Leadership: Leading Japanese Automation Supplier 

Evaluation of the company's market presence indicated a product centric market approach lacking any significant thought leadership or contemporary value proposition relating to overall customer solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to market development created strategies and tools to approach the Packaging industry with a defined sales and marketing strategy focused on the customer drivers towards Smart Machines, Machine learning, Robotics and Engineering Productivity. Consistent with this approach we also developed fit to segment strategies for their solutions to structure sales application dialogs leveraging the brand identity and value proposition. An execution plan including digital marketing assets, refreshed web sites and lead management coordinated with sales education followed, leading to increased revenues by over 30%.

Content development: Industrial research firm, Automation vendors

As suppliers struggle to stand out from their competitors and messages become harder to differentiate, critical content provides a means to demonstrate customer value with deeper thought, technical prowess and proof points that allow them to stand apart. As part of our campaigns, whitepapers, case studies, blogs, articles, social media and advertising are brought together to create compelling value statements that target specific customer drivers in specific application segments. Our industry knowledge provided content across every industrial vertical and application space for automation vendors so that all the segmented targets could derive deeper knowledge whle providing qualified leads to sales.

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